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3 Helpful Websites for Philippine Employees, Professionals and Business Owners

Because of the current lock down and community quarantine in different parts of the Philippines because of the COVID-19 pandemic, we are cut off from our usual routine at work and even at home. Thanks to technology, however, we can still do certain things to help us get going with our jobs and other concerns….

Countries Promoting E-Cigarettes in a Bid to Go Smoke-Free

Smoking tobacco is very dangerous and causes millions of deaths every year. At the same time, the number of health and financial implications associated with traditional cigarette smoking keep increasing. As a result, several countries are looking into the various methods they can employ in a bid to go smoke-free. One of the options considered…

One Better Path in Improving Healthcare

If we own or oversee a business or service provider, it is but natural that we want it to offer the best products or services. We aim to satisfy our clients or patients. And we want our staff or team to embrace these goals — we want them to be efficient and effective in their work. It…