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Lugz Women’s Fleece LX Boot Giveaway

It’s time for one cool giveaway for all women out there! Join now and get your feet ready for those boots! Ready, set, go! Welcome To Our Lugz Women’s Fleece LX Boot Giveaway~ Hosted By Tammie’s Reviews, Giveaways And More and Sponsored By Lugz I have finally found a shoe brand that I am in…

#GoSwift This Yuletide Season with Acer Swift 7 and New Balance

We often associate the Christmas season with gift-giving. It can become a challenge then to decide what gifts to give to your loved ones. But wait! In this day and age of technology, it seems like people of all ages will actually appreciate getting a new laptop or a new pair of rubber shoes or…

You Can Always Try Again

Training Hard & Keeping Fit

Are you a bodybuilder, athlete or regular gym goer? If you are then you do put time to train hard for that next competition or to simply keep yourself fit. My husband is not an athlete or bodybuilder but he does train hard, “doing gym” at home as he wants to stay fit and healthy….

A Watch and Headset for You

Efficiency and convenience are two things we would like to have in our day-to-day dealings. We would like to accomplish things as efficiently as we could. And we would also like to do so with less hassle, with a degree of convenience as much as possible. Having a Wireless Bluetooth V3.0 Earphone Mono Headset Sports…