Behind this blog is Deli.  I began blogging in 2011, thanks largely to a good friend, Raya, who encouraged me to try it. I have worked in the print media for several years before I got acquainted with blogging and online writing.

I also love literary writing and have tried my hand on poetry and short story writing (both in my first language Cebuano and in English). Thankfully some of these attempts saw publication in newspapers, magazines, some anthologies as well as online. At one point, I was a surprised (but happy!) recipient of a poetry award in 1998 from a Philippine magazine.

My love for words has been influenced by my late parents, Jun and Linda Sales of Bohol, Philippines. My husband Daryl and I believe that we are blessed to be a blessing. Check out my other blogs here.

When Selah Speaks contains posts/articles on topics that strike my interest and curiosity. It also features guest posts from my friends/blog contacts from time to time.

When Selah Speaks has been recognized as Top 3 Blog (Blogs of Fame) in January 2016 by Blogs ng Pinoy. You can read it all here.

5 Responses to About

  1. quierosaber says:

    Thanks for showing interest in my blog. It led me to yours and I like what am reading – light, pleasant, and coming from the heart.

    • Admin says:

      Hello Sir,

      I know Angie from college but I stumbled on your blog as I surfed the net and was hooked on reading your blog. Really enjoyed your news commentary, will continue reading your blog. Glad to know that you also like what I am writing 🙂 — Deli

  2. quierosaber says:

    Oh, I see. Have to tell Angie this. The world is indeed getting smaller. Anyway, writing gives me something to do. Venting off my frustrations seem to stave off those senior moments that lurks nearby. I feel healthier. Thanks again and keep your refreshing blogs coming.

  3. shilohruthie says:

    Hehe. Nice one.

    You’re the best always. 🙂

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