How To Return To Your Faith Once You’ve Left It

Faith is not always an easy thing to follow. Many stray from the path while not completely leaving it. Lives become busier and busier and it can be hard to put your faith at the forefront when so many other things seem important. This is why so many people lose faith and then look for ways to return to their faith. When someone loses faith, it is typically a gradual process as opposed to a single catalytic event. Returning to faith, is similarly a gradual process.

Return to Worship

One of the best ways to return to faith once you’ve left it, is to begin attending worship services again. Include this in your weekly schedule as something that’s not just “penciled in”, but rather something that cannot be bump. Returning to worship is important because you begin to surround yourself with people of faith. Simply immersing yourself in an environment is a great way begin picking up habits.

Worship can also help reconnect you to your faith. Structured services and meaningful sermons can help to show you what you’ve been missing. It can help reignite what made you faithful in the first place.

Return to Prayer

Another common way to help you return to your faith is through prayer. Attending worship is a great beginning to returning to faith. However, that may be as little as once a week. To really return to your faith you need to take some initiative on your own as well.

Making time to pray will help to get your faith back on course. It is your way of speaking and connecting spiritually. That’s not to say you have to devote an hour per day to prayer. Saying a prayer in the morning or before bed is sufficient to start. This will get you in a habit of remaining spiritual on a daily basis.

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Read Passages

Returning to faith means returning as a student of your faith. It is not just about showing face at worship or saying a prayer because it’s what you should do. Learning more about your faith and understanding all of its teachings will help you on your path back to faith.

Carve out time each day to read passages from The Bible. Reading passages will help you to continue your quest for faithfulness and re-educate your mind on spirituality. Too many times we take the easy way and give in to temptations like binge watching television. Try and use some of this time for reading about your faith.

Seek Out a Christian Counselor

One great way to help you return to your faith once you’ve left it, is to find a Christian Counselor. Christian counselors help individuals and families in all sorts of areas including, but not limited to depression, addiction, anxiety, family counseling, marital counseling, grief counseling, and much more. They can work with you one-on-one to determine some causes for your loss of faith in the first place. Identifying some of these key factors can be a helpful way to put you on track for returning to faith. Eliminating the causes will help prevent recurring roadblocks in the future.

Christian counselors combine professional counseling with Christian values and teachings. Regularly scheduled sessions with a Christian counselor will not only force you to take time out for your faith but also provide you with a guide back to your faith.

Stop Resisting/Making Excuses

Finally, returning to your faith requires you to stop resisting your faith and making excuses to put if off. Being faithful is not easy and does require you to resist some temptations and carve out time to be devoted. Resisting your faith means that you are directly contradicting its teachings or finding ways to avoid faith-based activities such as attending worship services, saying prayers, reading scripture, or participating in church activities.

Your goal, if you wish to return to faith, is to stop making excuses because excuses are easy. Remaining faithful is not. It means attending worship even when your schedule is full and making time for God even when you seemingly have no time left. With strength and the support of your spiritual community, your return to faith may have a stronger bond than when you were first faithful.

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