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Photogenic Spots in Maui

Maui is the perfect destinations not just for the holidaymakers, but photographers who are passionate about their work and look for some fantastic spots to capture. Photography is all about being at the right place and at the right moment to catch in a particular moment. Maui is all about exploration and discovery for all,…

Viewfinder: Mourning Under Bangkok Sky

When we visited Thailand last year, it wasn’t really part of the plan. The destination was New Zealand but to get there from my part of the world, my husband and I had to fly to Bangkok, Thailand first and then fly to Auckland, New Zealand from there. Our layover was long and so my…

Viewfinder: The Sky and the Cows in NZ

During our trip last year to New Zealand, my cousin and his family drove us to Hanmer Springs for our wedding anniversary 🙂 It was an unexpected surprise 🙂 On our way there we passed by the quiet and green countryside. Every now and then the green carpet of grass would be dotted with cows,…

Viewfinder: Bangkok’s Democracy Monument

Under the central Bangkok sky is the Democracy Monument which was actually erected during the military takeover of Thailand in 1932. A Thai architect worked on its design while sculpting work was also provided by an Italian sculptor who embraced Thai citizenship. The Democracy Monument occupies a traffic circle on the wide east-west Ratchadamnoen Klang…

Viewfinder: The Sunken Cemetery

Under Camiguin sky and right under that erected cross marker is a not-so-happy story. In fact, some people think of it as creepy. Camiguin island in Mindanao, Philippines had experienced major volcanic eruptions in the years 1827, 1862, 1871 and in 1948. And It was during the 1871 eruption of Mt. Vulcan that the old…

Dedication to Photography

Is photography more than a hobby to you? Perhaps it is something that you are really passionate about. If it is, you could probably relate to the photos below 🙂

With this:



Or how about this?


And this:



And these have made me smile (or should I say smile with a sound 🙂 )




Thanks to mott.pe for all of the photos 🙂