Apl.de.ap: Helping Dreams Come True

Isn’t this video inspiring? I first saw this on TV 5 and made sure to look for it on¬†YouTube. For international artist Allan Pineda Lindo Jr. (more popularly known as apl de ap of Black Eyed Peas) not to forget his Filipino roots is well and good but when he takes one step further and help advocate for one of the most important needs in the Philippines, well, that is great and inspiring!

apl has been working on a campaign for education in the country, specifically for the need of classrooms. Being married to a national high school teacher, I get firsthand accounts of the sorry state of some of the country’s classroom as well as the need for additional ones. And so I find apl’s campaign truly commendable. Knowing what it is like to be underprivileged and having limited educational opportunities as a child himself, he has chosen to help the children of today make their dreams come true. And what’s so cool about this is he uses one of the best gifts, if not the best one that he has:music.

I hope there will be more apl de aps who are willing to give back what they got, who, having found themselves blessed, will in turn seek to bless others by helping them fulfill their dreams not only for themselves but for their families, their country.

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