Back to Black

We may have different interpretations to this color but whether we like it or not, black is always here to stay.

Well, we may ditch the color for a season of our lives as we say give me pastels! As we prefer to go for white, creams and blues. But one day, it comes. We are once again ready for black. And we’re not even wearing it in mourning. We wear it to celebrations, even weddings.

While black is considered by many as an elegant color, it’s also a no-nonsense useful staple to our wardrobes and why not? Everything looks good with black. And yes, nothing “slims” you like black 🙂

So here we go. If you’re ready for some change in outfit or perhaps to add something to your wardrobe, then perhaps you can consider going back to black. And if leggings are your thing, look cool (no, stunning) with them in black.

And you thought black could be so plain and unimaginative 🙂 Well, let me count the ways how black can also be more than just plain black, just CLICK HERE 🙂

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