Basketball Memories

I grew up watching my older brother play basketball. He did not really go on to play professionally but he played while in school. And he had a basket set-up with its board set up at the back of our house. The next lot to our house also had a large empty field and the lot’s tenant also allowed him to set up a basket there. He would practice in both areas and many times, I would also watch and then try some shots as well 🙂

Because I had these opportunities to watch my brother and practice some shots, I soon discovered that even at school, I could make good shots! One time during a game break, one of my classmates gave me the ball and asked me to hit the basket. And I made 3 shots out of 3 🙂  Since I was a girl, nobody expected I could do it. I don’t know about other schools but in mine, it was not common to have girls playing basketball. There was no basketball team for girls. And I had no plans to play with the guys 🙂  Anyways, the guys must have stored my good shots in their memory because every time they see me watching a game, they would ask me to take shots with them during a game break.

Today, my enjoyment with basketball goes on. I must admit though that it has been limited to watching basketball games on TV 🙂

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  1. Ruby said:

    basketball, it reminds me back in hs and college..i use to play it during intramurals..good exercise indeed! thanks sa visit sis..happy weekend!

    September 7, 2013

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