Car Maintenance Tricks 101

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Whether it is a mom driving the team to football practice or a father heading out with the guys to a concert; either group can fit nicely into the seats of a good car. While the car may be durable, your vehicle still needs to get the right kind of care, or it would fall apart and not serve your family well.

As long as your vehicle has passed the safety rating for cars, you should follow these tips for keeping it in shape.

  • Work out a Budget

To keep up with the spending that your vehicle requires, you can set aside some money to handle emergencies which may occur from time to time. You may also want to set up a maintenance agreement with your auto repair center to get your car fixed for a reduced price.

  • Pick a Good Repair Shop

You will need to find and develop a relationship with a repair shop close to you and your family thus encouraging the shop workers to keep a record of all the work you have done on your car. With a record, the risk of carrying out one service over and over again is reduced. As long as the car service has a good history of working with your brand of car, you are good to go on using them.

  • Drive Carefully

You should always ease into the acceleration and respect the other cars on the road. No matter how small the car in your rearview mirror is, accidents can happen. We can bet you do not want to be a part of that scene.

  • Update Yourself on Road Conditions

Before taking a trip, find information concerning the parts of the road, you will be driving through. Icy or wet conditions on the highway mean you have to be more careful and drive more sensitively than you would on a dry road.

  • Check and Change the Oil

This one step will help an engine last more than regular oil and filter changes will. On the other hand, nothing will destroy an engine faster than overlooking oil-level checks or fresh-oil changes.

  • Pay Attention

Always listen to what your car is saying to you. Sometimes, your car will give you warnings before the engine light starts flashing. That’s a cue to take it to a repair center.

  • Warranty

Ensure that you read your car’s warranty properly – this will help you discover what repairs and changes your car enjoys and within what period.

  • Wax

Apply wax at least every six months as this will keep your car’s paint looking good all year round.

  • Schedule Maintenance

Frequently scheduled maintenance and lubrication using the manufacturers recommended type and formulation of oil, grease, and liquids are what will do the trick.

  • Keep Up

Swapping normal wear-and-tear parts such as timing belts before they break is also a good path to follow on the road to long vehicle life.

Remember that you do not need to use some ‘miracle car product’ for it to last long and serve your family well.




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