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While it may not be an issue among some married couples, it can be a concern for others. Some couples just need to make a little more effort to finally have kids. They may have to face head on the issue of infertility.

Photo: Stuart Miles/
Photo: Stuart Miles/

Infertility is not just for women, this is also a common problem for men. One cause of a woman’s infertility is problems with ovulation while for men is the movement of the sperm. It has been shown that both men and women have the same factors that affect their fertility. Smoking, excess alcohol intake, stress and age are the common factors affecting fertility. These poor lifestyle choices have a great impact on getting pregnant. Says, age is a huge cause common to women because many women only decide to get pregnant in their 30’s at which time, a woman’s ovaries become less able to release good-quality eggs. Going to your OB-Gyn and having an infertility checkup is the first thing you and your partner should do in planning to conceive. It can be a lengthy process and patience is needed to resolve the infertility problems. Once the result shows that you have infertility issues, your doctor will then give options of fertility treatments that you can choose from.

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