Getting Some Air

Although I grew up in a family where music is a daily part of life, I wasn’t that exposed to classical music until I reached university. It was there that I had more access to the beautiful music of Bach, Mozart, Pachelbel and Vivaldi, thanks to my friends who lent me some of their classical music collection that time. This paved the way for me to appreciate more this kind of music. By the way, their collections were on tape. There were no CDs then in the ’90s 🙂

One of the classical pieces that I really love is Johann Sebastian Bach’s Air. I simply feel like I am lifted up into air gently as I listen to this piece 🙂   His music somehow reminds me to thank God for giving this world and my tiny musical ears the pleasure of hearing Bach’s music.

Just in case, you haven’t heard Bach’s Air, I am sharing it below through a video I found on YouTube. And in case, you already adore this piece as I do, then bask on it one more time 🙂

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