Thoughts on GMA News TV’s Bayan Ko

I must say that my hubby and I thoroughly enjoyed GMA News Tv’s Bayan Ko (My Country).  We just got to watch what I believe was a replay of several episodes on GMA 7 yesterday afternoon since it was a holiday and the hubby and I had some free time.

For the uninitiated, Bayan Ko tells the story of  a newly-elected and idealistic mayor (Joseph Santiago) who returns to his hometown of Lagros to change it for the better. His late father had been a journalist dedicated to serving the people through print media. One can see how honest and dedicated the new mayor is in his job. And he faces all the challenges that go with it (uncooperative and inefficient town hall employees as well as corruption issues, among others).

Bayan Ko shows the stark and painful realities in public service but we also love how the young mayor sticks to his ideals. The character of the corrupt governor, by the way, is so brilliantly played by Pen Medina. One can almost shudder how he embodies so well what a corrupt and scheming government  official is.

We applaud GMA News TV, the director and writer of Bayan Ko. This is something that our country needs. It awakens the Filipino to be vigilant to what is going on in government and to hold the people we elect into office accountable. We hope that it can also help transform our system of government, awakening our officials what government service should be like.

We should really have more “teleserye” like this on TV. It is relevant to the times: inspiring hope and change in our government, in our country. Bayan Ko airs Sundays 6:30 PM on GMA News TV 11 (Skycable 24).

To watch the full episode 1 of Bayan Ko, just click here.

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