Watched & Liked: In the Name of the Father

The film, In the Name of the Father,was released way back in 1993 but let’s say, I was too busy at university then as a student to watch it that time. But this year, a good 20 years after the film’s release, thanks to my friend, I got the chance to watch the movie. She has a collection of Daniel Day-Lewis films.

The movie was heart-wrenching for me. It’s based on the true story of four people falsely convicted of IRA Guildford pub bombings in the 1970s. These four people were also referred to as the Guildford Four. And these innocent people (including one lady) end up serving time in British jail for 15 years(!) for a crime they did not commit. Gerry Conlon, one of the four, also ended up spending time with his father in jail as well. His father, along with his relatives were also falsely accused and convicted in relation to the bombing.

I find it so sad that these four young people end up in jail by just being in a certain place, at a particular time. But more than that because of their ethnicity or nationality (3 were Irish).  But the good that came out of this sad story in the end is that Conlon found his advocacy and he has gone on to fight for others who have experienced a similar injustice.

I must also say that Daniel Day-Lewis was simply brilliant in this film. This film is well-written, directed and produced. I wouldn’t mind indeed having a personal copy of it.

Below is the trailer of the film:

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