Learning to Play Drums After 30

I learned how to play drums when I was already past 30 years old, 33 years old to be exact.

I was in-between jobs that time and was helping out with our church’s music team prepare for Sunday morning worship services. When I did not have an assignment to lead worship or do back-up, I would tinker around with some of the instruments before practice. And then I finally decided I should try to learn at least some basics of playing drums or the percussion instrument. Thankfully, two younger guys in the worship team were that excited to teach me. I think they were amazed that despite my age I was willing to learn. And so there I was beating the drums and the cymbals. We had nothing less but Sabian¬†cymbals which they told me and I could personally attest were really of good quality.

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And so there I was that one Sunday morning, behind the drum set during the offering song. It really felt good to learn and do something different. And age, I was reminded, is not a hindrance to learning and experiencing something new. Well, like playing drums.

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