Mall Memories

Do you enjoy going to malls?

Well, I do. It’s not just because it’s a place to shop but there are many errands one can do at the mall as well.  Thanks to the many shops which are also found there. And of course, one can watch movies and take the time for a meal there with friends or loved ones.

Some malls can also give another level of experience. For instance, branches of The Mall (yes, that’s actually the mall’s name) in Bangkok, Thailand have swimming pools 🙂  The Mall Bangkapi and The Mall Ngamwongwan were the ones I visited which had swimming pools. Going for a swim is then made easier for families and for those who enjoy it as a hobby or sport since the pools are not only at an accessible location, the fee for using them is also quite reasonable. For more travel notes and photos for swimming at The Mall Bangkapi, check out my post about it on my travel blog.  The malls in Singapore also have something cool to offer. For instance, on a trip there, I was delighted to see this Sky Park complete with a man-made lake at Vivo City .  See photo below.

Sky Park in Vivo City, Singapore
Sky Park in Vivo City, Singapore

Anyways, these mall thoughts and memories are triggered by the fact that Robinsons Place will begin operations in Butuan City, Mindanao by November 25. I consider this good news, of course, since the hubby and I are currently based here  🙂  And since Christmas is coming soon, we have one more option where we could do some shopping and spend some time relaxing.


  1. Rye Yhanne said:

    We seldom visit malls in the Philippines, it only happens when we visit Manila. Walking in the mall is really enjoying although tiring. 🙂

    October 21, 2013
  2. Tina Cors said:

    We visited Sky Park Vivo City .. this mall is so nice!

    November 1, 2013

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