Musical Notes from the Bamboo

If you are wondering what I have featured on the header of this blog, that’s a photo of a musical instrument from Indonesia.

This instrument is made of bamboo. It sounds like a xylophone when played but unlike the xylophone you don’t hit this with sticks to play it. See those vertical slim sticks at its front and back? You hold them and shake them. That’s how the musical notes come out 🙂


I just find it interesting that a number of musical instruments from Asia (including Indonesia, Thailand and the Philippines) are made from bamboo. This only shows that bamboo is readily available in these places. And I think it also shows the ingenuity of the people there having thought of making a musical use for the pliable and beautiful bamboo.


  1. BJ said:

    I have one of these bamboo xylophones and I would like to sell it. I am moving and have no room for it any longer. Any help you could give me as to it value would be muchly appreciated.


    May 2, 2015
    • admin said:

      Hi BJ. I would have to ask my friend first as he got this as a gift from someone in Indonesia.

      May 4, 2015

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