The New Yahoo Email & Marissa Mayer

Just a couple of nights ago, I noticed that my yahoo email has changed. Then again I thought this was just a temporary one or well, maybe my computer was playing tricks on me 🙂  But last night as I opened my email account again I realized that this is it — change has really come.

Yahoo Changes & Reaction. I find myself quite uneasy now with using the new yahoo email. It’s not just because of the change. I just find the former one easier to use.   And I still have to fully comprehend whether the change will mean so much more good for us users. As this has been very recent, watch out then for a follow up post after some time where I would lay out any pros and cons for the new yahoo email. Give me time. I am not a very techie person though I am learning to be one 🙂

I always love to know the reason behind why something happens or why something is done so I also checked what could be yahoo’s own reason for the change. And I am led to Marissa Mayer.

Meet Marissa Mayer. Marissa is the president and CEO of Yahoo! beginning 2012. And when she came to Yahoo, so did the changes. Marissa, by the way, s not even 40 yet 🙂   She is a self-confessed geek but I think she doesn’t have the stereotype geek-look people would imagine. She even appeared on Vogue.  And she used to be with Google, too. In fact, she was Google’s 1st female engineer (although she said in an interview that she didn’t notice or mind it); she eventually moved up as a top executive within the 13 years she was there. She had key roles in developing what we love about  Google, including Google Search and yes, Gmail.  And this brings us to the reality that the new yahoo email is well, somehow similar to Gmail. It’s now pretty easy to see why. But back to my and your email life.

Change Realities. Changes do come and go with technology and our means of communication. I just hope that in the days ahead, we, who are yahoo users for years now, will get use to the new system and find it actually more useful. And if not? Well, maybe it’s time for a change in our email accounts, too.

Photo credit: foto76/
Photo credit: foto76/

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