Pachelbel and Canon in D

You could say that this is one season in my life that I am once again revisiting my favorites in classical music. A couple of posts ago, I shared about my classical favorite from J.S. Bach. This time, I am sharing about another favorite classical piece and some trivia regarding its composer.

Johann Pachelbel’s Canon is hard to forget, I fell in love with the piece the first time I heard it way back in my university days. I later found out that it is also a favorite piece of brides during their wedding day; it’s one of the popular choices for them as they march their way to their loving grooms 🙂  Canon apparently became more popular in the 70s, thanks to a recording done by  Jean-François Paillard, a French conductor who just passed away last April. The Canon is the most famous composition of Pachelbel who is a German Baroque composer.

Trivia Time. I just found these interesting facts on Pachelbel from Wikipedia. Read on:

  • During his lifetime, Pachelbel was best known as an organ composer. He wrote more than 200 pieces for the instrument, both liturgical and secular.
  • Pachelbel was also a vocal music composer. A hundred of such works survive, including 40 large-scale works.
  • Like most other works by Pachelbel and other pre-1700 composers, the Canon was forgotten for centuries. It was only rediscovered in the 20th century.
  • Pachelbel taught Johann Christoph Bach (1671–1721), Johann Sebastian Bach’s eldest brother.
  • When Johann Christoph Bach married in October 1694, the Bach family invited Pachelbel and other composers to provide the music; he probably attended – if so, it was the only time J.S. Bach, then nine years old, met Johann Pachelbel.

Once More: Canon in D. Below is a video from YouTube featuring Pachelbel’s Canon. Enjoy 🙂

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