Does Playing Sports Make You More Popular?

Growing up, many people often ponder about ways in which they can become more popular. Some resort to wearing more makeup, and others try to change their wardrobe completely. With so much peer pressure, many people are under immense pressure to become more popular. While there are lots of ways, both positive and negative, that people can use to become more popular, one of the best ways is to participate in sports. Although sports do play a vital role in a person’s popularity, the skills a person will learn while participating will prove to be very worthwhile. Listed below are some of the many ways in which sports help to increase an individual’s popularity.

Communication Skills
Shyness is one of the main reasons that a person will have a hard time becoming popular. When playing sports, communication is one of the keys to success; therefore, the players will have to learn how to communicate. When shy players begin to engage in sports, they will have to move out of their comfort zone. They will begin to talk about different plays and different ways to improve their game. Additionally, this communication is not only limited to their friends, but they will also have to communicate with people who they are unfamiliar with.

When people play sports, they are engaging in some type of exercise. Exercise has been proven to produce feel good hormones. Once these hormones are released, the players will begin to feel good about their inner selves. Happiness allows others to begin to take note, and they soon will begin to notice the happiness that the person exhibits.

There are many benefits when you play sports. Photo: topstep07/
Playing sports can benefit you personally in many ways. Photo: topstep07/

A third way in which sports allow individuals to gain popularity is the exposure that they receive. Regardless of whether the players are participating in high school sports or college sports, they will be exposed to thousands of people each week. Many fans will look at these sports players as heroes, and they will have no problem recognizing the heroes that they see each week. If the player ever has the opportunity to shoot the game winning shot or score the game winning touchdown, his or her popularity will increase tremendously.

One of the key ways to become popular is through confidence. Sports will give people lots of confidence. First, they must have the confidence in themselves that they will succeed. Second, they must have the confidence in their team and believe that everyone will play well together. Many people may not realize that confidence and popularity are directly linked to one another. As people gain more confidence, they are more likely to step out in front of the crowd to be seen. Additionally, this confidence will allow them to talk to other people and allow those people to get to know them better.

Athletes always get and demand lots of respect. People understand that athletes are extremely hard workers, and they are dedicated to their profession. By seeing this hard work and dedication, other individuals will naturally want to associate themselves with these athletes. As the athletes gain more respect, they will also be more likely to do other things.

Being an athlete is extremely fun, and if a person wants to become popular, playing sports is the thing to do.

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