We Have Not Forgotten

Four years ago today, 58 people were killed in Ampatuan, Maguindanao. Out of this number, 32 were journalists. Since then, this day has been considered as the “worst single-day act of violence against the media ever recorded in history.”

Today, the families of all 58 victims still wait for justice.  The Maguindanao massacre trial is still ongoing;  89 suspects have yet to be arrested

It may depend on what you are waiting for but 4 years of doing so, for many of us,  is a long time. It means 1,461 days of waiting, equivalent to 35,064 hours. To continue to wait for such a span of time and to hope for justice is also a challenge to persist, to persevere.

The situation of the families who lost loved ones in the massacre reminds me of Jesus’ parable of the persistent widow who kept on seeking justice (Luke 18:1-8). In her situation, the judge was someone who neither cared about God nor about people. But the persistence of the widow wins. And eventually, she got what she needed. I do hope that the outcome of this widow’s waiting and persistence will also mirror what is in store for these waiting families.

If it’s any source of comfort and strength for them, may they know that many of us pray and stand with them as they wait for justice. We have not forgotten.

Source: Eugene Alvin Villar/Wikipedia
Source: Eugene Alvin Villar/Wikipedia

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