Time for Music

I am reminded today that the Book of Ecclesiastes from the Holy Bible speaks of having a time for everything.

Perhaps having a time for everything can also mean having time for music as well. And I think it’s not bad at all to have some time for music as it can be a source of inspiration, relaxation. A time for music can mean listening to it but it can also mean playing music itself with the use of a musical instrument.

It seems that the easiest musical instrument to find and try playing is the guitar. Even purchasing the guitar has been made a step easier as it is now possible to do so online. And the kinds of guitar and the brands available online are many. Take note that even the gretsch rancher is now accessible for purchase online 🙂

If you think it’s time for music, then play that song and sing it. It might just the inspiration you and even others need for the day 🙂


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