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4 Tips in Growing Your Business

And so, you’ve finally decided to go ahead and take that risk of starting your business. Perhaps it’s been months or even years since you’ve ruminated over selling that product or providing that service. And today, here you are, just beginning to enjoy the profits and the new experiences and insights that came out of…

3 Small Businesses You Can Readily Start at Home

So, you think this is the best year to start a business. Now what’s keeping you from starting one? I have heard many people say that they would love to start a business but when you probe them deeper as to what business they are considering, they either smile or give you a blank stare….

When Your Life is Interrupted by an Auto Accident

We may have our plans all mapped out: when to finish university, what career or business to pursue, when to get married, have children. Yet whether we like it or not, the way our life unfolds is mostly out of our control. It is not within our full control even as to how many years…

He Alone Can Open and Close Doors with Finality

In life, we can encounter situations where it seems like a door is closed before us — we do not receive a deserved promotion or salary raise, a romantic relationship is ended, a loved one dies. Sometimes, we feel like blaming ourselves or others. In other times, we receive unexpected blessings or favor — a…

Watching for the New in 2018

Watch for the new thing I am going to do.     It is happening already—you can see it now! I will make a road through the wilderness     and give you streams of water there. Isaiah 43:19