Blogging Realities in 2022

Times really have changed since I began blogging in 2011.

For one, a number of my blogging friends who I met mostly online have told me they already stopped blogging for some time now.

Some of them have gone on to full-time work. Some have also stopped because they have found it too expensive to continue their blogs. What with the hosting and domain renewal costs which a blogger has to contend with yearly.

On my end, I decided to keep 3 of my blogs for now. So far, I am thankful that I still get to write and to receive opportunities to blog. I also have one more domain address that I am keeping for now but it is not yet launched as a blog. I have no more plans to keep more blogs.

Honestly, as I go through different changes in my life, my blogging journey also gets affected. There are competing priorities. And in the end, choices have to be made.

What I do know is that I will still blog. Blogging keeps me sharp and updated. And for these I am thankful.

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