3 Small Businesses You Can Readily Start at Home

So, you think this is the best year to start a business. Now what’s keeping you from starting one?

I have heard many people say that they would love to start a business but when you probe them deeper as to what business they are considering, they either smile or give you a blank stare.

Well, talk is cheap.

Sometimes, if you think of doing something like yes, starting a business you might just get stuck from just thinking or talking about it.

What can be helpful is to take time to get information about some businesses that you can imagine yourself doing or that you are passionate about. It is also a good idea to consider if you have the skills related to such a business venture.

Getting information is not that hard. Let the internet be your friend. You can also ask your friends who are in business already. You can also take the time to observe or even delve deeper into a survey or research about a specific business that interests you.

On my part, here are 3 small business ideas that you can start at home and which overtime you can develop and grow bigger and yes, earn profitably:

  1. Writing and editing services. You can include both offline and online content writing as well as blogging here.

If you know your grammar well and would like to work with words, then this could be the right business start up for you.

Now you may complain that there are just too many writers available now, especially online. And you must have also noticed that in several online writing job sites, the pay is so painfully small.

The way to build on your skill and to get the word around about your writing and editing endeavor is to start a blog. Write well and consistently.

So, when you are applying for freelance writing jobs, you can send them the link of your site where there is a ready sample of your work.

Mind you, as you continually build your blog, filling it with your articles, you might be surprised that over time instead of you looking for clients, your clients will come looking for you.

By the way, don’t forget to indicate your contact email or include a contact form in your blog so your prospective clients can easily reach you.

  1. Tutoring 101. This one you can do both on an online setting as well as a face-to-face one.

I think it especially helps if there is a subject you are good at and can focus on. So, if you are good with Physics, you can easily tutor others about it.

I have a past personal experience of tutoring Korean and Thai students in speaking English. For the Korean students, we meet in a place which served as our classroom as there were several of them. As for my Thai student, she would come to my house to study with me.

Tutoring is also a good business if you like dealing with people.

  1. Selling Online. While there are online sites where you can sell your items, you can also have the option to just start your own website or online retailer site where you “display” and sell your items.

This can also be done through social media sites like Instagram and Facebook.

It is undeniable that people are doing more and more of their shopping online. So, this is one business idea that will not only be sustainable but can also grow over time.

Now growing any of the above 3 businesses means due diligence on your part to continually offer the best services or items you can possibly can. It also means consistently growing your relationship with your customers and ensuring that you have the right customer success platform. After all, your business will end up to zilch in the event that your customers never return to transact with you again.

Whether the above businesses are something you would like to explore with baby steps at first or something else, may it be that you give it your best and may it flourish and serve others well. And may you earn profitably from it.


  1. Ria C said:

    I want to venture on tutoring after my stint in the corporate world and that will be not too long from now. 🙂 I have started a mini ecom site but haven’t been able to lift it off from the launching pad. I want to establish something I can do regularly and will bring in money as if I was still working in the rat race.

    July 23, 2018
  2. Doing something that you are passionate about is really important when starting a business. My husband and I tried our hand at buying and selling, but we weren’t successful because we’re really not good salespeople. That incident that took place many years ago taught us not to engage in this kind of business anymore. I’ve had experience at online tutoring, too, and now writing for my own blogs, which I believe, suit my skills and personality more.

    July 24, 2018

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