Accessories Every Road Cyclist Needs

Bike? Check. Motivation? Check. Now that those are out of the way, what else do you need to make your cycling gear complete? As it turns out, quite a bit. While there is the staple gear everyone needs, there are also a few other nifty tools that no cyclist should be without. Here are some extra accessories to consider.


Wouldn’t you love to know where you’re going, or how far you’ve travelled? Companies now make GPS technology that can attach easily to your road bike as you travel. Many products also include speedometers to let you know how fast you are going and for how long. Going for a ride is great, but being able to track your journey and log your progress can be valuable information. Whether you are training for a race, or you’re trying to beat your PB, consider investing in the right equipment. Stores like 99 Bikes have a large range of technological accessories to outfit whatever you’re looking for.


Having smooth skin on your hands may not be on the top of your priority list, but you might rethink that when your fingers begin to sprout blisters and calluses. Cycling can be rough on your hands, especially if you are starting out with the sport. Consider investing in a pair of gloves. Depending on your preference, try full-fingered, or finger-less. Gloves can protect your hands in the colder months when the air is dryer and tougher on your skin. Sweat can also build up in your palms, making your grip slippery and harder to hold.

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Enjoy cycling with the accessories you need. [Photo: arztsamui/]


One requirement of cycling is going fast. Whether on a flat stretch of road, or a steep decent after a climb, your eyes are going to feel worn out. Wind burn on your eyes can be quite uncomfortable and disorienting when you are in the saddle. Invest in a pair of quality glasses that hold to your head, and protect your eyes. Glasses are not only for wind resistance; they look cool, reduce glare from the sun, and limit the effects of other weather. Most cyclists wear glasses as they ride, not only to look the part, but because they know the practicality behind them.

Repair Kit

You never think it will happen to you, until it does. You can be riding down a hill at a fast pace and not notice the chunks of gravel lining the road. Normal wheels slide over gravel like butter, but it can have a more significant impact on your tires. Expect the unexpected and always be prepared by investing in a quick repair kit. Most kits can strap easily to the back of your seat and will come in handy when you find yourself in a pinch. Best case scenario, you’re back on the bike within a few minutes ready to ride, glad you listened to this advice and went out to get a repair kit!

The accessories that you buy are totally up to you, but there are some that you’ll find many cyclists have invested in. Which are your favourite accessories for your road bike?

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