4 Cheeky Gift Ideas for Your Partner

Looking for something a bit cheekier than socks and underwear, flowers, or chocolates to give your partner? Maybe you want to buy them something to spice up your relationship, just to show that you still love them as much as ever.

Well, instead of the bland standard gifts, why not try something cheekier on this occasion? Your partner will thank you for it and your relationship will benefit too.

1. Cheeky Board Games

A bit sick of playing Monopoly or poker? Well, why not get your partner a naughtier board game? Companies like Naughty But Nice stock lots of different games for couples to play if they feel they need a little more spice in their relationship. You might just get to explore a side to your partner (or yourself) that you’ve never seen before. It definitely beats solitaire!

2. Massage Oil

Is your partner always pestering you for a massage at the end of the day? Why not make it a little more sensual and buy some scented massage oil. Scented massage oil will make the whole experience more aromatic and special, plus, your hands will feel a lot smoother on their back (or wherever you’re massaging!). Some places even sell scented candles that, when melted down, make an aromatic massage oil – it doesn’t get more romantic than that!

Photo: stockimages/FreeDigitalPhotos.net
Photo: stockimages/FreeDigitalPhotos.net

3. A Naughty Costume

This isn’t the kind of costume you’d wear to an average Halloween party, that’s for sure! A naughty costume is not only great for a laugh; it’ll spice up your romance as well! The great thing about this gift is that you can buy it for yourself, yet it’s still for your partner. Does your man have a penchant for sexy secretaries? Well, there’s certainly a costume for that. Conversely, if your lady friend likes firemen, you can surprise her by ‘rescuing’ her in the full fireman’s get-up! Probably best to leave these costumes at home, rather than breaking them out at the next fancy dress party though…

4. A Bikini Apron

If your man likes to BBQ, then there’s no choice really but to buy him an apron that has a cartoon drawing of a voluptuous woman on the front and the back. This cheeky gift will have everyone over for lunch laughing. Similarly, if your lady is a whiz in the kitchen, then she’ll definitely need an apron that has a cartoon of a buff body builder on it. A cheeky gift that you can get away with wearing in broad daylight? Win-win!

So next time you need to find a gift for your partner, why not try a slightly cheeky one? It’ll brighten their day… and your night! Plus, it will put a smile on both of your faces and perhaps even take you out of your comfort zones (in a very good way). Socks and underwear are best left back in the shop this time.

What are some of your favourite cheeky gifts you’ve given your partner? Or what are the best ones you’ve ever received? Tell all in the comments section below.

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