On Cycling and Cycling Shelters

The weather has been kind of unpredictable. Well, at least in my part of the world. Sometimes, the day would start out really sunny and hot but then halfway through the day, the rain would come mercilessly. And just when we thought it would rain some more, the rain would stop and then there is the sun again!

This kind of unpredictability can be quite fun but not so for some of our things or when we do our usual tasks. If we love to dry our laundry the natural way (under the sun) for instance, we have to be on the lookout that we get them fast when the rain comes. And as for stuff like bicycles, we would never want them to be left dripping wet under the rain or be exposed to too much sun. If we own bikes because we count biking or cycling as a favorite hobby or sport or we use them as a mode of transport, then cycle shelters would be that useful.

For us who own bikes, we would love to have bike shelters in our homes, parks, office buildings, schools, and even outside our favorite stores. I mean they would be so useful to everyone who bikes. After all, we want stuff that we buy to last and to remain as useful as when we bought them. Less you think that we do not have as much shelter option for our bicycles, take a look at some models:

mini-bds-bike-shelter_main   bike-shelter-recycle-ten-space_main

Look at these cycle shelters above.  You can choose one which could fit the front yard of your home or some available space in front of your apartment. You can even share them with some of your neighbors 🙂

main-10-Space-Shelter_main  bike-cantilever-shelter_main

These other models as shown above can also be used in parks or schools. There are also bigger models which would be ideal to use in shopping centers or offices.

If you are serious in keeping your bikes useful and secure, you can always consider getting cycle shelters 🙂 And hopefully more offices and establishments would also consider having them soon.


  1. Raya said:

    These bike racks are very useful especially if you have very limited space in your home. I would definitely love to have one of these!

    November 2, 2013
  2. Pinx said:

    Our apartment building does not have a proper bike shelter so I do hope and wish that we will have one so that our bikes will be protected from the rain and snow.

    November 3, 2013

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