What gear you need for this Triathlon Season

The triathlon season is just around the corner and if this is your first one, you might be trying to figure out what gear or gadgets are the best to assist you in the race. So if you’re stuck for ideas, here’s a list of the best gear for triathletes.


Camelbak is one of the pioneers of hydration and is the ultimate accessory for cyclists or those on the go. For those who have never seen what a Camelbak looks like, it’s essentially a back pack that holds hydration packs (reservoirs) which you can easily drink through the straw attached. They hold anywhere between one to three litres of water and are more manageable than having to fiddle round with water bottles. Some people may worry that a backpack will leave them overheated, however, Camelbak have just released an innovative line of packs that have a breathable lining on the back panel. The multi-directional design follows your every move and enables your back to stay cool no matter how long you are on the trail. Your local bike specialist like 99 Bikes will have Camelbaks in stock, check out this URL for more ideas.


One of the trickiest parts of a Triathlon is the transition between the three races. Some prefer to change each time, or wear shorts and a t-shirt under their wetsuit, or some decide comfort is a non-issue. While not essential, a Tri Suit enables you to wear the same outfit from start to finish. There are two options to this suit, a single piece suit, or a two piece short and singlet combination. Tri Suits are fit snugly but if invested in properly, are comfortable to wear. They are ideal as they flick away moisture and dry quickly. Most of the new line suits offer enhanced ultraviolet sun protection and have inbuilt pads, which are thinner than regular bike pant pads, making it more comfortable during the running phase.

Are you ready to swim, bike and run this season? Photo: Sura Nualpradid/FreeDigitalPhotos.net
Are you ready to swim, bike and run this season? Photo: Sura Nualpradid/FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Heart Rate Monitor

For triathletes, a heart rate monitor will be your best friend. Why? It will measure the intensity level of your exercise and provide a true indicator of your current fitness level. It will tell you when you are not working hard enough and in turn, when you are over-doing it. A heart rate monitor will also give you tangible evidence on measuring your fitness improvement. So now you know how important it is, but which one do you choose? Ideally, triathletes should invest in a heart monitor that can be submerged in water for a prolonged period of time. While it may be convenient to choose a monitor that straps to your chest, these are ineffective at measuring an accurate HRM as you are moving too long to trust the output of a non-strap device.


If all goes well, you’ll breeze through the bike leg of the race without a hitch. However, on the odd occasion, your tyre might decide it wants to go over that tiny pebble on the ground that punctures a hole in it. That’s why it’s always smart to be prepared. Some triathlons have support along the route, but at least with your own gear, you can get on to fixing whatever needs to be fixed right away. A tool kit could include, spare tubes, wrench kits, bolts, tire levers, a bike pump, zip ties, a patch kit and duct tape.

What gear or gadgets are a must-have for your upcoming triathlon?


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