5 Secrets To Increasing Employee Productivity

All companies want to operate a successful and thriving business. This means having productive employees spanning from entry level workers to upper management. If your business seems to be lacking, there are a variety of measures you can take to re-engage otherwise under-performing employees, and boost the amount of work getting done. Here are 5 secrets to increasing employee productivity.

1. Respect your workers.

It’s important that all your employees feel respected in the workplace. Unfortunately, too often this gets overlooked, and this can negatively affect the level of productivity (not to mention the overall office morale) in the office. Having employees know that they’re respected and valued within a company goes a long way. So take some time regularly to recognize them and the work they do. Be honest and upfront with how they’re doing and what they can do better. Respect and communication will work wonders in having them step up their work ethics.

2. Offer work incentives.

Having something to work for is often one of the best motivators for employees, and offering bonuses and incentives is great for increasing productivity. Make sure what you offer is something of value and wanted by the employees – and watch their work hustle step up. Incentives are usually more directed towards management, but take into consideration the rest of the employees and offer something to them too. You’ll notice the entire company becoming more productive.

3. Have proper training at all levels.

This has to be one of the most important things when it comes to making sure your employees know what to do and are good at doing it. Simple tasks can often be neglected and forgotten. Take the time to properly train all levels of workers in each of their designated tasks. You may even consider looking into programs like Axcelerate to help out. Train them in the office and have them take courses online for a thorough training. When everybody understands their job – and are comfortable doing it – there is no excuse for lack of work getting done.


4. Show praise for jobs well done.

Another thing you can do to boost your employees’ productivity in the workplace is singing their praises when the opportunity presents itself. When a great job has been done, make sure both the employee and the rest of the team find out about it. However, don’t go overboard with the compliments. Only give them out if they’ve been earned. Reaffirmation of knowing the work you have done is right is a great feeling, and will help keep staff morale (and thus productivity) high.

5. Create a positive work environment.

Creating a positive work environment will increase productivity up and down the line. When employees are enjoying their work, it shows. Keep everybody engaged and having a good experience at work. Consider adding some color to the work environment to make it feel more lively. Create days out of the month when employees can come to work in more comfortable clothing or offer themed days. This keeps people smiling and less stressed which is great for everybody.
Increasing employee productivity should be considered at all levels of the company. Take time to invest in them and they’ll take time to invest in you. Make sure to be welcoming of new ideas and support the workers. By doing this the energy will be more positive, the overall quality of work will increase, and the company’s productivity will soar through the roof.

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