It’s a New Month, New Day

And just like that, we are now half-way through 2020. What a year it has been!

We faced the unprecedented global challenge called COVID-19. Our lives have changed. As we look before us, we see the new normal unfold in our world.

There is still a lot of uncertainty yet ahead of us. We still wait for the “final” new normal. But we continue on. We forge ahead. Life must go on. Life needs to go on.

Some day we will look back and see what we have gone through as part of our journey, part of history. But I believe by then we will have become even wiser, better. More than that, I hope we would have become kinder, more gracious and faith-filled.

We are not alone in this journey called life. We have others with us. We have our loved ones. And I believe we have a gracious, loving God still able and willing to lead us on towards a life still filled with hope and purpose.

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