It’s Celebration Time!

Today is the Chinese new year and it is celebrated not only in China but in many parts of the world where there is a significant number of Chinese population. In the Philippines, it is celebrated and the day itself (which changes yearly based on the lunar calendar) is declared a non-working holiday.

It is indeed celebration and party time with the color red as the dominant and favorite color of the day, firecrackers lighting the sky and of course, there is good food to go with the family celebration. Occasions and parties like this remind us to use beautiful and sturdy premier table linens striped tablecloth. We would always want to use the best things we have, don’t we, especially on special occasions or celebrations. And that includes using the best tablecloth we could use at home or in dining establishments we own.

As for me and my husband though, we would still want to use what is of good quality whether there is a special occasion or not, whether we have guests or not. We believe that every day can be a day of celebrating life, celebrating the goodness of our God.

I hope that all the good things we enjoy for this brand new year will also give us reason to embrace gratitude and generosity.

Happy new year! Gong Hey Fat Choy!

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