Job Seeking? Here are Five Potential Careers in the Construction Industry

The construction industry is a growing industry and worth serious consideration when choosing a career. The careers available are diverse and many are very well paid. Here are five potential careers in the construction industry.


Supervisors are responsible for setting project goals and working out how to meet those goals. They need to break goals down into achievable tasks and delegate them to the correct department. Good leadership skills are a must for this career as well as the ability to keep a clear head in high stress situations. Supervisors may also be responsible for ensuring equipment is available and fit for use as needed and may have to coordinate a number of equipment suppliers like Mabey Hire Australia and other such companies. Due to the extent of planning required a supervisory role may not be suited to someone who is action orientated and just wants to get in and get the job done. Good planning will reduce the time it will take to carry out construction and will also help overcome pitfalls. A well planned job will run smoothly and usually to time and budget.


Surveying involves measuring and mapping out the environment using a system of mathematics and specialised equipment. Surveyors will have a variety of functions to carry out. Some office work is involved and also some field work, so this is a good job for someone who likes variety. In the office surveyors use highly sophisticated software to draft plans and map onsite measurements. In the field they use GPS and other technology to map an area and make computations as well as taking photographic evidence of sites. Projects vary widely too. A surveyor may be involved in helping plan a subdivision or in helping to build a tunnel system. Many surveyors work in the mining industry. Surveyors provide advice and information to help engineers, architects and developers.

Photo: khunaspix/
Photo: khunaspix/

Plant Operators

A pant operator is someone who supervises the running of an industrial plant such as a chemical or power plant. Plant operators may work in an oil refinery, petrochemical plant or gas extraction plant and are usually very highly paid. Generally they will be responsible for a certain piece of equipment or a certain area on the plant. They need to have a keen eye for detail as they are responsible for ensuring work is carried out safely.


A concrete finisher is a job for someone who likes hands on work. This tradesperson will be required to place and finish concrete in construction projects. They may also have to set concrete forms and ensure that the depth and pitch of these are correct. They will generally place the concrete directly from the concrete pump and then spread the concrete ensuring it is level.

Contract Manager

A contract manager is generally responsible for managing contracts. This is an extremely responsible position and will require a high level of experience. Contract managers are required to support teams on all contractual issues.


  1. Shydub said:

    The construction industry is the easy to find kind of job that don’t required higher education except for those higher position maybe. These are very helpful tips for those job seeker.

    April 6, 2014
  2. Mharms said:

    My brother-in-law works in a construction now in Middle East and he’d been promoted to supervisor.

    April 14, 2014

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