Most Common Injuries in the Workplace

Workplace hazards vary according to the type of work done and where the work is performed. However, common accidents and injuries are seen in a variety of occupational sectors, and this illuminates the need for action to remove hazards that often lead to accidents.

What Should You Do if You Are Injured at Work?

If you sustain an injury in the course of your work, it’s important that you seek the appropriate support. It’s generally a good idea to seek credible legal advice and support from an organisation that specialises in workplace injury cases, such as Sinnamon Lawyers . The reassurance of knowing that you have the support and guidance of credible, experienced legal professionals who can give you a full explanation of your rights and the courses of action available to you is invaluable.

Below are some of the most common workplace injuries.

Trips and Slips

Regardless of the occupational sector, injuries occurring from trips and slips are the most common. The reason for this is largely because trips and slips can occur so easily, no matter where you work. Plus, in some workplaces, there is an abundance of trip hazards. Similarly, floor surfaces that are unsafe and items left lying on the floor contribute to the incidence of injuries resulting from tripping or slipping. Some evidence shows that up to 40% of workplace injuries occur following a fall.

Injuries from Handling, Lifting, and Carrying

All too often, injuries in the workplace occur when employees try to lift, carry, and handle loads that are too heavy or otherwise unsafe. A significant number of work days are lost each year from this type of incident, with handling, lifting, and carrying injuries being responsible for the majority of work absences longer than three days.

Photo: Stuart Miles/
Photo: Stuart Miles/

Burns and Other Injuries Caused by Electrical Accidents

Accidents involving electricity are surprisingly common in many workplaces. Naturally, electricians and those who work in construction and building maintenance face a particularly high risk of an injury of this nature.

Because electrical accidents are responsible for a significant number of injuries each year, it’s important that robust policies and procedures are in place to protect the safety of all. Employees should also receive high-quality training and update or refresh their learning on a regular basis.

Sprains and Strains

It is common for people to experience sprains and strains as a result of their duties in the workplace. Injuries of this type vary in terms of seriousness and, depending on their severity, can reduce an individual’s capacity to perform their job.

Repetitive Strain Injuries

The incidence of repetitive strain injuries is also on the rise in a number of workplaces. Even workers who are seated all day and working at a computer can experience repetitive strain injuries.

The risk and frequency of injuries in the workplace need to be taken very seriously as workplace injuries can significantly affect an employee’s physical and mental health. Injuries can also result in disability, which compromises an individual’s professional and personal life. In many workplaces, hazards and practices that cause injuries can be eliminated and organisations need to ensure that they have comprehensive policies in place for the protection of all staff.

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