Office Layout: Present a Good Impression for your Business

The correct office layout will have a big impact on your staff and visitors to your office. Employee performance can be affected by having a poorly planned office layout. Offices must provide functional, but comfortable, work spaces for staff. Employees will spend a lot of time at work, so allow them to create their own personal space. Feeling comfortable at work will make them more productive. A well designed office layout can increase communication and motivation amongst employees.

Communal spaces

It is important to have a dedicated work related communal space where employees can meet and collaborate. This should include tables, chairs and the type of technology where employees can run think tanks. Just as important is an informal space where employees can chat over a coffee and recharge. Employees look forward to taking a break from stressful tasks, so an area with comfortable chairs, a kitchenette and perhaps a widescreen television will help clear their mind and send them back to work feeling refreshed. If you have younger staff, bean bags may appeal to them.


For employees who use equipment such as copiers or printers, make sure they are placed in close proximity to the equipment they will be using. If certain departments liaise with each other continually, make sure they are grouped together. This makes inter-department consultation work much more efficiently. In this way data and documents can be easily shared and discussed.

Photo: David Castillo Dominici/
Photo: David Castillo Dominici/

Effective Workspaces

By providing employees with the correct tools and space, they will easily be able to complete tasks assigned to them. Ensure work surfaces are large enough to accommodate particular tasks. Desks should be the correct height and office chairs are also another important factor to consider. Comfortable chairs and desks can reduce back ache and strain. Ensure the keyboard is in the correct position and at the correct height. If your employee is worrying about backache, their mind will not be on their job.


Good lighting is a must. If employees are spending long hours at a computer, drafting, drawing or designing, good lighting must be provided to prevent eyestrain. Never accept adequate lighting; good lighting is essential for good production.


To keep an overall eye on office procedures, office managers or supervisors should be placed at the back of the room. This gives them an opportunity to identify problems much more easily.

There is much debate and bias as to whether an office layout is more productive with an open plan or private spaces. Collaborative open spaces allow employees to interact with co-workers. However, if your employees require intense concentration to complete the task delegated to them, a cubicle or traditional office might be of better benefit to those employees. For ideas on the best office layout for your business click here . By having the right office layout, employees will want to work there and clients, at first glance, will gain a good impression of your company.

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  1. Mharms said:

    A very pleasant office layout brings harmony feeling in the workplace. Gets you motivated to work too. 🙂

    May 5, 2014

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