Playing the Guitar

I learned to play some guitar chords before I turned 12 years old. But it took a couple of more years before I could play with some confidence a simple tune with it, thanks in large part to my high school teacher. And it was in high school when I first sang and played the guitar in front of a large audience. It was only because my fellow students during the final campaign day of our high school elections requested me to do so. You see, I was running for president. Thankfully, I won. Maybe the singing and guitar playing helped? Perhaps.

I would not say that I have become real good at playing the guitar since then. I only find time to play when I hear a song that I really like to play myself. I must admit that I just ¬†enjoy playing the guitar at times. It is just relaxing to do so. And I love music a lot. I bought my latest guitar several years ago and I wouldn’t mind getting a new one soon especially a first act guitar.

It is my older brother who has been really good at playing the guitar. He used to play with a band and for a time, he accepted gigs to perform at restaurants and hotels. He plays with the band during these gigs but at times, he just performs solo especially for classical music. And of course,I asked him to play those lovely classical pieces during my wedding.

If you love music and would like to consider trying to learn a musical instrument, consider learning to play the guitar. If I have been able to learn playing a decent tune with it, I’m pretty sure you could.

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