Playing the Ukulele

One of my favorite performers in the Asia’s Got Talent is the pretty and talented Sydney from Thailand who played gloriously the ukulele.

I have to admit that after watching, hearing Sydney play, I will not look at the ukulele the same way again.

As a kid, I had my time of experimenting, playing as a ukulele beginner. It is not that hard to learn to play that instrument and you can readily buy one as well, even from online shops. I also have to admit that I don’t think I would ever be able to play as beautifully as Sydney. Well, you and I may not be the superb ukulele players but we can still play music straight from our hearts 🙂

 photo photo-1422034681339-7b5dbb46db18_zpsaaed0vjx.jpg
Photo by Jenelle Ball/

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