Watch Filipino Short Films

Do you enjoy movies?

My own obvious answer to that question is of course, yes. Why else would I take time every now and then to share about the latest movie I enjoyed or which movie I am planning to watch? 🙂

Anyways, I recently found out that Globe Studios is premiering short films from our favorite Filipino filmmakers with the intent of inspiring image creators. I have to applaud Globe for this endeavor 🙂 I’ve checked out some of the entries myself via YouTube. Two of the short films that that I enjoyed and found myself chuckling with are Stop. Steady. Sayaw by Dan Villegas (Always Be My Maybe, Walang Forever) and Beshie by Joyce Bernal (Kimmy Dora, Don’t Give Up on Us). 

Stop. Steady. Sayaw is less than 5 minutes. It stars Angelica Panganiban, Jake Cuenca and Pepe Herrera. Prepare to laugh 🙂

Beshie is less than 10 minutes and prominently stars Eugene Domingo. It is funny and drops a reminder for us about friendships and the importance of getting all the facts 🙂

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