Playing Games: Zeus Master of Olympus

More than 10 years ago, I came across a computer game that my younger brother, nephew and niece were playing. The game was Zeus Master of Olympus. I have played many games since then but somehow this game has remained until now as my favorite 🙂

The game, developed by Impressions Games, is focused on building a city in ancient times particularly Greece. I thoroughly enjoy building the city as well as accomplishing tasks that are also required in each level. I also enjoy that part where “soldiers” in the city fight off any invader 🙂


The game can be played in different levels, starting with beginner. As I have finished playing the whole game in this level, I have tried other levels. I am now playing and finishing up the hero level.

I am surely glad that people have the gift and ability to develop games that could challenge one to plan and strategize as one plays, games just like Zeus Master of Olympus.

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