On Social Bookmarking

Do you run a business? Are you still debating whether you should invest towards having an  online presence? Check out this infographic below and see how much you need your services and products to be visible online.


Having an online presence (a website, blog and yes, using social media) can go along way in connecting you with more people (translate that to potential customers and even possible business partners).  When you have an online presence then it’s easy for your content (your products and services) to be shared to others, not just possibly once but over and over. Thanks to social bookmarking this has been made possible.

While a couple of decades back, this word or pair of words may have not been coined yet but today social bookmarking is a daily practice for millions of internet users. Social bookmarking, the practice of saving bookmarked web pages to a public website (think twitter, facebook, google plus, among others) as a way to share the links with other users, is now a daily reality that can actually help a lot of businesses and organizations.  Social bookmarking, of course, doesn’t just benefit businesses and organizations. It is also beneficial to us who may just be simple users of the internet.

I don’t think social bookmarking will go away soon (or ever) so if you would like more people reached by your business or organization, keep an online presence and make it good 🙂

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