Still Waiting in July

It’s now the 7th day of July.

As write this, all seems quiet in our house. But the reality is, inside of me, I haven’t been feeling so quiet or peaceful lately.

The reason for this is I have not been very well for a week now. And I do not like being sick at all.

It makes me restless. It tempts me to complain, worry. And it does not help that sometimes you have family, friends or relatives who do not understand that you are not feeling well. It is both sad and annoying.

When a person is sick, what one appreciates is some understanding, kindness.

A person who is feeling under the weather would appreciate being asked how they are. And that the one who asks would actually listen to their answer. Not glibly ask and then launch into their own gripes, problems.

In fact if you have some problematic news or concerns, unless it is a matter of life or death, it is best to give the person some space to get well, to recover first.

It is all give and take. It is all about loving one another.

Meanwhile to manage my physical health, I take meds and do my best to rest up and fill myself with the Word of God. And to soak up worship songs.

Healing also takes time. It is also one story of waiting.

So here I am, even as the whole world waits for some resolution and clear way forward in the midst of this global pandemic, also waiting to recover.

We all wait, in one form or another, this month of July.

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