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It’s a New Month, New Day

And just like that, we are now half-way through 2020. What a year it has been! We faced the unprecedented global challenge called COVID-19. Our lives have changed. As we look before us, we see the new normal unfold in our world. There is still a lot of uncertainty yet ahead of us. We still…

Live COVID-19 Update

For easy reference, just sharing here the latest COVID-19 update as provided by a media outlet and gathered from key and reliable sources. Let’s continue to support our front-line workers. Let’s pray for them as well as for those affected by this pandemic and their loved one. Keep safe!

3 Helpful Websites for Philippine Employees, Professionals and Business Owners

Because of the current lock down and community quarantine in different parts of the Philippines because of the COVID-19 pandemic, we are cut off from our usual routine at work and even at home. Thanks to technology, however, we can still do certain things to help us get going with our jobs and other concerns….