Thoughts on The Good Wife TV series

I’ve just begun watching The Good Wife TV series via cable in this part of the world. And I must admit that it was the lead character who caught my attention as I was channel surfing that morning. Wow! It’s Famke Janssen from one of my all-time favorite movie or should I say movie series: X-Men. I thought I had to stay glued to this show just to see how she would navigate the role of lawyer, mother and yes, wife.

"TheGoodWife" by Source. Licensed under Fair use via Wikipedia -
TheGoodWife” by Source. Licensed under Fair use via Wikipedia.

Well, eventually, I found out much to my surprise that The Good Wife is not Famke at all! It’s another beautiful actress, Julianna Margulies. When I googled their names I found out that it was not just me who saw the similarity. They could be mistaken as sisters, even twins. It is good to take note note though that they both can act so I imagine that neither of them would be ashamed to be mistaken for the other 🙂

Several episodes later, I have stayed on watching The Good Wife. I have definitely gotten over the initial phase of watching it to see “Jane Grey” work as a lawyer aside from being a wife and mother. I have enjoyed the series, watching how the main character specifically faces all the challenges that come along in her profession and in her personal life.

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