Benefits of setting up a virtual office for IT service providers

A new wave of innovative entrepreneurs have established new rules as to how business owners operate their practices.

We are no longer confined to brick and mortar office spaces with virtual operations becoming more widely accepted across the professional spectrum. For people working in the IT industry, you would have noticed that while most of your dealings are online, there are some traditional aspects of your business that you cannot ignore. This is why in recent years, more IT service companies are opting to partner with a virtual office organisations.

A virtual office (for those playing at home) is a means of providing communication services outside the traditional office perimeters, this may include a virtual receptionist to manage all incoming calls and queries or a residential business address that you can use as your own. If you’re one of the brilliant minds looking to launch an IT company, here is how you can benefit from a virtual office.

Offers credibility

Not all clients are happy to meet you at a coffee shop or in the study of your house. It doesn’t really scream I’m a professional. And what happens if you can’t afford to invest in a slick city office space with classy gold ceramic bathroom sinks? This is where virtual workplaces come in handy; they give you the credibility of having a prime location and a professional space without having to lay out a small fortune. It tells your clients that you are a legitimate and established company in a visible location, which adds a level of trust, reliability, therefore boosting your reputation.

A serviced space will not only be beneficial to your clients, it will be valuable for your staff. You are more likely to attract contingent workers for long term partnership if they know you provide the best services to your clients, resulting in a stable and collaborative working environment. The corporate feel that you offer them will enhance their experience with your firm.

Save costs on office space

The price of rent is ever-increasing; it is by far one of the biggest outlays a new company can face with some new owners having to fork out tens of thousands for an inner city dwelling.

If your staff can maintain the same level of productivity in their own home then leave it the way it is. If the only reason you need a headquarters is to meet with clients, then invest in a partnership with a virtual office business. You will be able to save so much money that can be further invested into new technologies or ways to increase the efficiency of your hard working staff.

It’s all about the extras

Let’s face it, there aren’t enough hours in the day to complete projects, let alone dealing with phone enquiries and the endless streams of emails. But what if I told you that someone could do this for you at only a fraction of the cost. It’s all part of the perks of signing a virtual office provider.

Companies like Corporate House Australia offer packages that include complimentary use of meeting and board rooms, a dedicated receptionist to manage your calls, mail and courier management and message forward as per your instructions.

How do you save money in your business? Would you ever partner with a virtual business? Tell us why/why not in the comments below.

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