Learning Beyond the Classroom

Learning should not stop once we leave our classrooms.

With the advancement of technology and the constant developments taking place around us, it is imperative that we continue to learn, to upgrade our skills. And the good news is that we can avail of needed training right in the comforts of our own homes or offices, thanks to the availability of online training. But wait there’s even more good news for us with CareerAcademy’s amazing offer: an all-access membership program in association with American Business and Technology University, a nationally accredited online university and all for just $29 a year!

That’s right. For only $29 per year, these are the benefits one can receive for one’s Online Learning Membership:

  • Nothing less but UNLIMITED access to the industries’ finest IT, Cyber Security, Project Management and Business Skill video based courses. Take note that these courses would normally cost you tens of thousands of dollars but now you get to access them all for just 29 USD yearly.
  • There are more than 1,100 IT and Business skills and career certification video training courses you can choose from. And these come with University Certificates of completion.
  • The contents of these courses are the same ones being offered in the most popular training centers and universities in the world.
  • With an online learning membership, one can and will have the opportunity to earn up to 257 PDUs and 30 College Credits towards Associates or Bachelors degrees.

 photo careeracademy-membership_zpsmn3iwxfb.png

According to Samson Chu, CEO of CareerAcademy: “The motivation behind this Learning Membership program is to allow all people the opportunity to gain access to high quality career focused training without the high costs which in the past have been the main hurdle to acquiring the skills needed to master the technologies needed in today’s economy.” This passion to provide learning and training opportunities has been carried on by CareerAcademy since 1999. It has always believed in giving students and organizations the opportunity to get maximum value from their training programs, at the most affordable cost, in their journey of learning.

CareerAcademy also has a Member Referral Program that could benefit you and me. Invite your friends and all you know who could benefit from further training and all that CareerAcademy has to offer. With their referral program, you can earn 10 USD for each person who signs up and becomes a member. You also get an extra 50 USD for every 10 sign ups in a month!  And there’s no limit to how much you can earn!

Let 2016 be a season of learning and upgrading your skills, take advantage of what CareerAcademy has to offer at a very affordable cost! And while you’re at it, spread the word around and earn some extra cash in the process, too 🙂

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