Time for Work, Time for Classical Music

I love working with some music on. But I particularly prefer instrumental ones as I write or edit something. And topping my musical preferences while working is classical music.

Classical music to me is relaxing. It also helps me connect beauty and art from the past and in the present. And so in an afternoon like this while the rain is pouring outside and I am typing away on articles that I need to finish within the week, you will find me working and listening to some classical pieces.

If you are indeed wondering which ones I am listening to right now, I’m including a classical music playlist here which I found on YouTube. Thank God for technology and the opportunity of sharing resources online 🙂  Listen to this playlist then as you work (if you’re like me) or as you just spend some time to relax 🙂 And by the way, the playlist has more than 3 hours of classical music to listen to.

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