Still Here!

And just like that this blog is 12 years this year!

To be honest, I considered stopping blogging for good this year. And in a way, I did. I let go of one blog earlier this year but I decided to keep this blog.

I just could not let this go after working on this for more than a decade.

But I know I have to be intentional in writing, in blogging again. So much of my life has changed in the last 3 years that I have found it hard to keep a regular writing or blogging schedule. But really, it can be done. I will just have to put this in my list of things to do (yes, I’m one of those list-type persons!).

Personally, I don’t think a person can stop writing or blogging because there is nothing to write or blog about. I think that as long as there is life, as long as this earth continues to rotate and revolve — there is always something to occupy the pages of blogs and websites.

Thank you, my dear readers and fellow bloggers, for reminding me to write again! Let’s do this and keep on doing this!

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